Cheap Richmond Cigarettes for Sale

Richmond cigarettes available for sale are manufactured in Europe. They are not imitations of the world famous Richmond cigarette brand, they are original tobacco products properly marked and labeled. Buy Richmond cigarettes for cheap only with Cigarettesfor.US and enjoy the the highest quality and freshness available on the American tobacco market.


Richmond Cigarettes for Sale

Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond Cigarettes for Sale weren't in the local tobacco market of United kingdom for a long time of period but at the end of last century this cigarettes brand was reintroduced. Richmond Cigarette appears in the following order: Regular, Gold and Menthol manufactured in in King Size and Superking sizes. The brand is in competition with other cigarettes brands of this category like Mayfair, Sovereign or Park Road Cigarettes.

Nowadays Richmond's forms Superkings and King Size are the 4 and 5 top-selling cigarettes in the UK respectively. Richmond Cigarettes title is a combination of two distinctly french words - 'rich' and 'monde' that most probably means 'rich people'. This fact prove for which kind of smokers are these cigarettes intended. Even the title is like this, Richmond Cigarettes for Less can be ordered by all the categories of smokers, who want to taste strongly and notable aroma of a original cigarette.

Richmond Cigarettes for Cheap contain tobacco obtain and grown under the control of "Lambert & Butler" tobacco Company. In 2008, new limited edition packs of Richmond Cigarettes were created with the title "Chill Edition".